Quality Planting Material

Some plants, despite their long realized immense medicinal importance have not been as yet given suitable attention for sustained large scale commercial cultivation. One of the major underlying reasons behind the slow progress in commercial cultivation of important medicinal plants (MPs) is the lack of their quality planting material (QPM) production. Indian farmers in this regard, though they are nevertheless interested to go for large commercial cultivation of these plants, often become unable to do so due to lack of information on the improved agro-techniques for the quality planting material production in medicinal plants. While sustained global demand for even the raw produces (dry biomass) of medicinal plants and the profitability from their commercial cultivations are now and again motivating crop growers in the country to grow them more, the lack of genetically upgraded planting material (ie. homogeneous planting material) often leads the crop growers into sheer frustrations. The lack of homogeneous planting material indeed, usually results in instability in productivity and quality of medicinal plants. Therefore, it is of urgent need to produce quality planting material of MPs for sustained production and supply of raw material to the phyto-pharmaceutical industries.

NMPB provides the financial assistance to developed Nurseries and Quality Planting Material / Germ Plasm Banks as per operational guidelines of NMPB mentioned in Central Sector Scheme of NMPB.

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